Selected University Policies on Administrative Data


Human Resource Policy 601 – Treatment of Confidential Information

Identifies information that is considered confidential and to establish guidelines for the use of confidential information.
Date: February, 2010. Updated: July, 2017

Regulated Computer Policy

Describes the security and management requirements for computers housing sensitive data on the University network.

Guidelines for the Secure Management of IT Infrastructure Systems that Process, Transmit, or Store Confidential Information

Policy for the Digital Use of the Social Security Number

Provides usage and remediation guidelines for the use of Social Security Numbers in digital form.

Eligibility and Acceptable Use

Acceptable Use Policy for Information Technology

Describes the policy governing the use of information technology at the University.

Policy on Use of External Services

Policy for using third party technology providers for data storage and transmission.

Account and Identity

Policy for Use of the ChicagoID

Provides background information and usage guidelines for the ChicagoID.

Records Retention

Managing University Records (Policy No. 2708)

This policy sets forth a general framework for meeting the University’s obligations to review, retain, and destroy University records consistent with laws, regulations, and internal University recordkeeping objectives that may change from time to time.

Updated: March, 2024