DUR - Form to Request Data

Form to Request Data

Download Data Usage Request (DUR) Form

A Data Usage Request (DUR) form is used to provide the necessary information for review. It contains instructions and guidance for the submitter of a request. The last page contains instructions on the use of the form. The form should be completed by the data steward of the requesting area. Data stewards may require assistance, particularly with the technical aspects of the form. Business analysts or project managers from the respective areas may be called upon to assist with the developing information to support the usage request. There is an abbreviated form when notification rather than approval is required. See the DURi DUR-info only form - draft format, awaiting approval.

Completed forms should be routed via email by the requesting steward to the approving steward(s). Conversations regarding need for data or specifics about the data should commence between the stewards. Project team members may be asked to facilitate those conversations.

Once an agreement has been reached that the data request is valid, the approving steward(s) should send an email back to the requesting steward acknowledging the request and granting their approval. The requesting steward should then forward a copy of the request and the approval email to datausagerequest@lists.uchicago.edu. The Data Stewardship Council wiki contains a repository of approved data usage requests.

This process will add time to the project timeline. This can be minimized by making requests specific and supplying enough context so that reviewing stewards have all of the information they need to understand the request and can determine its suitability.