DUR - Detailed Procedure

Data Usage Request Procedure

Receiving Data Steward (Local Functional User)

  1. Downloads DUR form (link)
  2. If needed, initiates discussion with source Functional Business Analyst in the department that controls the database containing the requested data to assist with DUR responses
  3. Completes DUR
  4. Signs DUR
  5. Sends signed DUR to each data steward (who controls data that is being requested) with a CC to the Data Usage team DataUsageRequest@lists.uchicago.edu.

Governing Data Steward

  1. Reviews DUR
  2. Resolves questions with submitter as needed
  3. Determines approval/disapproval
    1. If approved: signs DUR and sends to submitter and CC's DataUsageRequest@lists.uchicago.edu.
    2. if disapproved: informs submitter and CC's DataUsageRequest@lists.uchicago.edu; process ends

If DUR is approved

Receiving Data Steward (Local Functional User)

  1. Informs source Business Analyst (or designated role) of project requirements
  2. Forwards signed/approved DURs to source Business Analyst

Source Business Analyst

  1. Discusses project requirements with Submitter
  2. Conducts internal departmental meetings to determine resources for data feed
  3. Informs Submitter of implementation schedule