2016-2017 Workgroups

Under the auspices of the DSC, workgroups are formed to focus on specific issues or projects. Members of the workgroups may consist of DSC or Data Stewardship Network members drawn from relevant offices and units of the University.

As of fall 2016, the current workgroups are:

  • Data Classification and Online Usage Guide

    In June 2015, the DSC approved version one of the data classification matrix.  The focus of the data classification workgroup was to develop a framework for data classification consistent with University policy 601 - Treatment of Confidential Information.  Especially with the proliferation of cloud services (for project management, collaboration, storage, and surveys), it is increasingly important for unit-level data managers to build awareness of data security and privacy among their colleagues. In August 2016, the University Data Usage Guide was launched based on the data classification matrix.

    With the launch of the online Data Usage Guide, a new workgroup has been formed to develop additional guidelines on the treatment of sensitive data related to donors, students, research subjects, and patients.

    Members: Tom Barton, Sharon Bradford, Erik Decker, Mike Fary, Andrew Hannah, Brent LaRowe, Katherine Lerner, Plamen Martinov, Stefan Quick, Charles Todd, George Trone

  • Preservation of Email Records

    The formation of the workgroup was prompted by a concern that potentially valuable institutional records in the form of email are being irretrievably lost as employees retire or otherwise leave the University. The workgroup has held several meetings since June 2016 to study the issue and develop recommendations.

    The workgroup builds on the work of prior efforts at the university. Over the past 20 years, there have been multiple efforts to assess the status of University policy and practice on the preservation of institutional records, including electronic files and email records. In 2004, the Digital Archiving Task Force was charged to consider the long-term implications of the growing percentage of University business conducted exclusively online and to recommend near-term solutions to improve current practices and address identified risks. In 2010, the University Archives Policy Committee, convened by then Vice President and Secretary of the University David Fithian, reviewed the policies and holdings of the University Archives; examined the university archives policies of other selected peer institutions; and, reviewed guidelines for transferring administrative records to the Archives.

    Members: Charles Blair, Michael Fary, Daniel Fuhrman, Eileen Ielmini, Daniel Knox, Daniel Meyer, Elizabeth Shanin, George Trone

Last updated: 12/5/2016